3rd Annual International Panic Day

From Justin and Anne-Marie DeWitt, designers of Castle Panic:


We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 3rd annual International Panic Day! What started out as a funny way of observing a silly holiday has turned into a great way of sharing the love of Castle Panic.

This year, we are celebrating on June 2 with new Castle Panic Event Kits. Each kit supports 16 players and offers 3 different game formats: casual play, team play, and scenario play.

  • Casual play is noncompetitive and offers new players the opportunity to learn this evergreen, cooperative game.
  • Team play provides a group competitive experience in which teams add up slain monsters to win prizes.
  • Scenario play offers a unique, exclusive way to play Castle Panic. In this format, 2 teams play head-to-head in Nightmare Mode, throwing their slain monsters into the forest of the competing team. The goal is to have the last tower standing. And it is a fast blast!

Each participant receives a new promo card. Team and scenario play winners receive exclusive suede Monster bags (as does the Event Coordinator). Runners up go home with Monster-eye game totes. And the person who most contributes to the spirit of the event is awarded the Defender of the Realm pin.

Pokémon Learn-To-Play & Deck-Building Workshops

Every Sunday we will be hosting “Learn-To-Play” Pokémon, and Deck-Building Workshops at 1:00pm. Experienced players will be on hand to show new players how to play and show other players how to build/tweak their decks to make them as powerful as they can be.

Jim and Anthony will also be available to help players set up new trainer club accounts and link them to their trainer IDs in order to get points for playing in tournaments. Tournaments will continue to be held every Sunday at 2:30! Look forward to seeing everyone at Alterniverse Comics!

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