Modern Horizons Pre-Release Event! Discover greatness on Saturday at 6:30PM on 6/8/19. $30.00 Entry, and please call the shop at (845) 233-4234 or sign-up here, as seating is limited. All participants to receive a date-stamped foil card and there will be some additional prize support for this event as well!

Fireball Island Board Game Demo

The dimensional adventure game of pitfalls and perils!” Fireball Island is set on an unexploited (by treasure hunters) tropical island, the home of the ancient idol Vul-Kar! Players progress along winding paths around the island, avoiding fireballs and trying to steal Vul-Kar’s jewel, various treasures, take some pictures and then carry it all to the escape chopper! Want to learn more? Find out here! Sign-up here to let us know you can make the adventure!

“Planeswalker Weekend” Draft-Style Tournament for foils, and a MAT+!!

Draft-Style Magic: the Gathering Tournament for PLANESWALKER WEEKEND on 5/25/19 @ 6:30PM. In the “Rainbow Walker” limited format, players can cast Planeswalkers using any color of mana! And remember: War of the Spark boosters have at least one Planeswalker in every pack, so this is a new format to test out your skills! Winner today will receive a CHAMPION MAT, and every participant will get a special foil, and Top 8 to get an additional foil! Sign up here.