This week at ‘The Verse’ 4/12 – 4/18

Sunday, 4/12:

  • Heroclix open play (no tournament) at 2:00
  • Pokemon at 2:30
  • Magic:  The Gathering Sunday Night League standard tournament at 5:30

Monday, 4/13:

  • Magic:  The Gathering Monday Night Modern tournament at 5:30
  • Monday Night Adventure Night
    • You are the boss of your own dungeon. It is your job to keep those pesky heroes out! Can you succeed? The only way to find out is to come and play Boss Monsters with us at 5:30. No experience necessary.
    • Calling all heroes…calling all heroes! We, the adventurers need your help to complete our mission and defeat the evil overlord who is trying to stop us. Can you help us? If you can, come play Descent: Journeys In the Night at 6:30. No experience necessary.

Tuesday 4/14:

  • The Gathering Tuesday Night Standard tournament at 5:30

Wednesday 4/15:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Encounters at 7:00
  • Wednesday Night Board Game Night featuring Zombie Dice Scenarios at 6:00. No experience necessary.

Thursday, 4/6:

  • Magic:  The Gathering EDH/Commander tournament at 5:30

Friday, 4/17:

  • Magic:  The Gathering Friday Night Magic draft tournament at 5:30

Saturday, 4/18:

  • Magic:  The Gathering Commander/EDH tournament at 2:30
  • Magic:  The Gathering Dragons of Tarkir Game Day tournament at 5:30

Come and join us for a week of fun and friendly competition.