What’s happening at ‘The Verse’ 5/10 – 5/16

Sunday, 5/10:

  • HeroClix at 2:30 featuring a sealed ‘Avengers Assemble’ event
  • Pokemon at 2:30
  • Sunday Night Magic League Standard tournament at 6:30

Monday, 5/11:

  • Magic:  The Gathering Monday Night Modern tournament at 6:30
  • Monday Night Adventure Night featuring Pathfinder Adventure Card Game at 5:30

Tuesday, 5/12:

  • Magic:  The Gathering Tuesday Night Standard tournament at 6:30

Wednesday 5/13:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Encounters at 7:00
  • Wednesday Night Board Game Night featuring Sitting Ducks Gallery at 6:00
    • Please note the new starting time for the Tuesday Night Magic League!

Thursday, 5/14:

  • Magic:  The Gathering EDH/Commander tournament at 6:30

Friday, 5/15:

  • Magic:  The Gathering Friday Night Magic draft tournament at 6:30

Saturday, 5/16:

  • Magic:  The Gathering Commander/EDH tournament at 2:30
  • Magic:  The Gathering Standard tournament at 6:30

Come and join us for a week of fun and friendly competition.

HeroClix sealed event


Alterniverse is hosting a special HeroClix event on Sunday, May 10th.


For more information on the event, click here


Seating is limited to 10, so sign up in the WizKids Event System by clicking here.