Midnight Pre-Release of the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set. The last set of the Theros block, this set contains many new Gods, planeswalkers, and enchantment creatures, and will be 165 new cards! We’ll be hosting our 1st Pre-Release event on Friday April 25th at Midnight! We’ll also be hosting an earlier draft before the midnight event, so you can come play all night into the early morning. Sweet company and prizes await!


Toys For Tots Toy Drive


On behalf of Dutchess County Toys For Tots, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to everyone who came out to our celebration, and everyone who had donated toys throughout the month. Because of your generosity, we collected over 500 toys to distribute to needy children within Dutchess County.

For the second year in a row, we beat Toys ‘R’ Us!

Thank you once again!

Terrinoth’s Greatest Villains Come To Life



Exciting news from Fantasy Flight Games a few days ago. They’ve finally released information regarding their Lieutenants and the physical tokens. They’ve given us a huge peek into the mechanics and how these Lieutenant tokens will interact with the game and future expansions.

To start from the beginning, FFG had given the same Lieutenants in Descent first edition as pewter figures. For second edition, this has changed. Continue reading